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Crappie Fishing in Canada: A Guide to the Best Lakes and Tips for a Successful Trip

Canada is a fisherman’s paradise, and each region offers unique opportunities to catch a variety of fish species. One such sought-after species is crappie. They are known for their superb taste, fun to catch, and make an excellent addition to your fish box. Crappie are found in almost every freshwater body across Canada and are a favorite among anglers, both novice, and experienced. In this blog post, we will explore the best lakes for crappie fishing in Canada and provide tips to help you catch trophy-sized crappie.


Ontario is the crappie mecca of Canada. Some of the best lakes for crappie fishing in Ontario include Lake Simcoe, Rice Lake, and Sturgeon Lake. During the spawning season, crappie tends to move shallow, and the best time to catch them is early spring. Small jigs tipped with minnows or soft plastics are the go-to baits for crappie fishing in Ontario. Shore anglers should focus on weed beds, docks, and drop-offs while boat anglers should cover water and move until they locate schools of crappie.


Manitoba has a reputation for producing trophy-sized crappie, and the Red River is one of the best places to catch them. During summer, crappie holds close to underwater structures such as bridges, submerged logs, and rocks, and it’s essential to fish slowly with light tackle to entice bites. Other lakes that produce quality crappie include Lake Winnipeg and Dauphin Lake.


Saskatchewan is home to some of the most pristine and picturesque lakes in Canada. Popular crappie fishing locations in Saskatchewan include Tobin Lake and Lac La Ronge. Late spring and early summer are the best times to target crappie as they move to shallow water to spawn. Fan casting jigs or trolling with small crankbaits is a great way to locate and catch crappie in Saskatchewan.


Though not as well-known for crappie fishing, Alberta has several decent-sized crappie fisheries. Many lakes contain crappie, but some of the better options are Pine Coulee Reservoir and Cold Lake. The key to catching crappie in Alberta is to focus on areas with underwater structures and to use light tackle.


Montreal is known for its world-class cuisine and vibrant nightlife, but it’s also a great location for crappie fishing. Lake St. Louis, just a few miles from downtown Montreal, is a popular destination for crappie anglers. The lake is quite shallow, so it’s essential to use stealthy approaches to avoid spooking crappie. During early summer, crappie moves close to shores and can be caught using jigs or small spinners.


Crappie fishing is a fantastic way to spend time outdoors, enjoy nature, and catch some of the tastiest fish in Canada. The lakes we have highlighted above offer some of the best locations for crappie fishing, but there are countless other bodies of water that hold good numbers of crappie too. Remember to always check the local fishing regulations and obtain any licenses needed before heading out to the water. Most importantly, wear proper clothing and safety equipment, always be respectful of nature, and have fun!

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